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Pictures of Grandpa

In Uncategorized on March 26, 2009 at 5:01 pm

Here are some pictures of my grandpa that I wanted to include in my last post, but that I couldn’t scan because my ancient operating system won’t support my scanner, and some nonsense involving files being saved as PDFs and not JPGs, yadda yadda microchips. Anyway, some World War II vintage photos for your enjoyment.


This is Grandpa in 1944 or ’45. He must have been about 18, but he looks 12.

Grandpa and I happened to go to the same high school fifty years apart. We were both bored out of our skulls, but Grandpa was able to drop out in 10th grade, back when parental permission wasn’t required. A day or two later, he changed his birth certificate to read his birth year as 1925, because the minimum age to join the Navy was 17. (He figured he couldn’t pull off passing for 18.) I asked him what his parents had to say about it, and he told me not much, because he didn’t tell them until it was too late to do anything about it. Some people have all the luck, I tell you.


My grandmother Gloria, who died in 1992, and Grandpa at the Court of the Two Sisters Restaurant, New Orleans, 1945. They met at a skating rink in September 1944 and were married in May 1945, a month before my grandma graduated from high school. They married in haste because my grandpa found out he was shipping out to New Orleans. One of Gloria’s aunts kept insisting my grandma was pregnant. She was not. Their only child, my mother, wasn’t born until November 1949.

There will probably be more photos along the line, including one of me as a seven-year-old with godawful plastic beige glasses.

  1. Grandpa was a hottie! I’d have done him. I mean, I’m sorry for your loss. God, I’m callous.

  2. Men in uniform, baby. My Grandpa was a hottie, too, circa 1944. I’m speaking objectively, of course.

  3. Both of my grandfathers were hot. I might have a picture of my grandpap Bud on my computer – let me see if I can rustle one up. He died of a stroke in 1990.

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