Karla Keffer

Bush’s Brain Makes Me Want to Rip out My Own and Saturate It in Bleach

In Uncategorized on January 30, 2009 at 10:17 pm

Nausea. Migraines. Horror. I can laugh at all kinds of godawful people, places, and things, but I have never been able to laugh at the shitweasel, the pustule that is Karl Rove. Dick Cheney, as a “person,” is too deep into cartoon character territory for me to summon any but cartoonish, or at least matter of fact hatred. Hating Dick Cheney, for me, has the same amount of punch as hating having hot knitting needles poked into my eyes. I mean, I would think most people do. But Rove…?

It’s not that most of the people I know don’t hate Rove. I’m sure even my Republican grandparents think he’s a worthless feeb, at the very least. But Cheney, as I said, is too cartoonish, too much like Darth Vader for me to say much beyond a calm, “He is evil, and he must be destroyed”—to paraphrase Shirley MacLaine in Steel Magnolias. Cheney hides in a bunker. Rove gets out there and fucking raps at the White House goddamn Correspondent’s Dinner. He appears jovial and human, when he’s not sabotaging the political careers of decent people by spreading rumors that they’re child molesters, that is. And that is why I find him far, far more insidious and terrifying than the cyborg that shoots his friends in the face, and why I am completely unable to laugh at him.

So if anyone is in dire need of an emetic, I suggest you check out this article, courtesy Michael Isakoff at Newsweek (and my friend the Pirate, who sent it to me in the first place):

Just four days before he left office, President Bush instructed former White House aide Karl Rove to refuse to cooperate with future congressional inquiries into alleged misconduct during his administration.

On Jan. 16, 2009, then White House Counsel Fred Fielding sent a letter to Rove’s lawyer, Robert Luskin. The message: should his client receive any future subpoenas, Rove “should not appear before Congress” or turn over any documents relating to his time in the White House. The letter told Rove that President Bush was continuing to assert executive privilege over any testimony by Rove—even after he leaves office.

My brain hurts.

  1. foaming… at… mouth…

  2. …and…falling…over…backward…?

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