Karla Keffer

Good Americans

In Uncategorized on January 28, 2009 at 4:28 pm

And the fun doesn’t stop in Minnesota. I may have to move there, and not just because of Neil Gaiman and the Mall of America and the eight feet of snow every ten days. Check out Norm Coleman’s latest flabtackulations on Fucked Nose, er, ah, FOX “News” from last night.

From TPM:

“Sean, this recount is an expensive proposition. Al Franken’s got George Soros, he’s got MoveOn.org. I need just good Americans to contribute,” said Coleman (emphasis his own). “ColemanForSenate.com, http://www.ColemanForSenate.com. It’s an expensive proposition. Don’t let George Soros, MoveOn.com or the far left buy this race.”

“Good Americans.” BA HA HA HA! Again, I laugh that I may not rip out my eyeballs. And I revel in being a bad American, because bad Americans are the best goddamn kind. And as Dano says, bitch is paying by the hour. That makes me happy, too.


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